Supply Letter (revised 2012


  • SBC 2019 Price Schedule
    Approved 12-1-2018

    2 day camp $2,500 Camp starts early Sat morning, ends Sunday night.

    3 day camp $3,300 Camp starts early Fri/Sat morning, ends Sunday/Monday night.

    Week long Regular Camp session $8,300 Camp starts on Sat at 1:00 pm and ends on Sat at 11:00 am (Special Rate due to Truckee donation)
  • If July 4th is during a week of a camp or on a Sat. a discount of 50% will be given to the camp(s) of that week $8,300*50% = $4,150 



Connie Glass


Full 2019 Director's Package




Please take good care of them

they take good care of us.

It can be a very difficult job


Session Information Form

  • All Sound systems must be turned off at 10:00 per our long standing agreement with Canyon Dam


or a joy to them depending on

how you treat them. They are

following the boards procedures.

  • No one is to enter the camp grounds until after 1:00 pm on your first day of your session

If you have a problem please

take it up with the Board

or attend a board meeting.

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