The board meets three times a year, on the first Sat. of April,
Sat. after Labor Day in September, and first Sat. of December.

The board meets at Central Sacramento (directions).

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Other special or committee meetings are assigned TBA (To Be Announced).

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Clint Evans

Mike Truitt

Geoff Lacefield

Mike Vincelli

Steve Vawter

Jack Ferguson

Mark Kiser

Brian Mimms

Ray Lawson

Riche Smith




Board President

Board Vice President

Board Secretary

Board Treasurer


If you have practical contractor type skills -think of joining the board.

                                      We need you!

               Most of a board member's time is spent in trying

                     to figure out how to maintain the camps,

         meet the government's new requests and regulations,

           planning for future camp projects, raising funds, and

                    locating crews to get the job done.

A harder working bunch of hands-on members you'll never find.


"For all things are possible with God"



Meeting Dates:

1st Saturday in April - (Stage 3) Agenda
2nd Saturday in September - (Stage 1 ) Agenda
1st Saturday in December   - (Stage 2) Agenda



  Stage 1: New board members are added and duties assigned. Review of camp outcomes and session & date changes.

Stage 2: Budget review. Spring projects are identified and begin cost est.

Stage 3: Spring projects are assigned to project managers, costs identified and jobs prioritized, materials collected for work weekend.









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